Common faults and solutions for LED point light sources?


In recent years, domestic landscape lighting has develo […]

In recent years, domestic landscape lighting has developed rapidly. Outdoor decorative landscape lighting for the purpose of beautifying urban landscapes and commercial advertisements is receiving more and more attention and applications; LED point light sources are available due to their unique advantages It can be combined into lines for contour lighting, and can also be combined into large pixel screens in an array, and synchronized online playback of various video animation effects. It has become a main product in the lighting project; LED point light sources There will always be more or less failures in actual use.

Next, I will give you a detailed introduction to some common failure phenomena and analysis solutions of LED point light sources. To
Fault 1: After power on, the controller indicator is normal and there is signal output, but the point light source has no effect change?
Answer: There are usually the following reasons for this situation:
(1). Check whether the signal line of the lamp and the controller are properly connected
(2). The signal of the external control lamp has an in/out direction, check whether the control signal enters from the signal terminal of the first lamp
(3). Check if the effect file in the SD card is made, whether the selected model of the LED is consistent with the chip used by the current lamp
(4). Check whether the lamp is normally powered
Fault 2: After the controller is connected to the lamp, the effect changes, but the lamp flickers, and the controller indicator shows normal?
Answer: (1). The signal ground wire between the controller and the lamp is not connected
(2) The power supply voltage of the lamp is insufficient
(3). The effect made in the SD card is wrong, and the lamp chip selected when making the effect does not match the actual lamp chip
(4). The distance between the controller and the headlight is long, and the signal transmission is unstable.

Fault 3: After power-on, the controller and some of the lamps in the front work normally. Starting from a certain lamp, the lamps in the rear are abnormal?
Answer: In this case, some lamps fail to receive the signal normally. The reasons are as follows:
(1).Individual lamp IC failure or the signal line before and after the lamp is damaged, generally replace the first non-lighting lamp in the abnormal position or the lamp in front of it
(2). When writing the program, the number of point light sources is written less, so the latter part will have no animation effect, and you need to contact the manufacturer to rewrite the program.