How to buy led lamps?


   (1) Choose from the appearance:    1. Look at the ou […]

   (1) Choose from the appearance:
   1. Look at the outer packaging. The country compulsory stipulates that LED lamp manufacturers mark the following points on the gift packaging box outside the product: rated current, high power, working voltage range, rated voltage frequency. Generally speaking, the product's trademark logo printing is cost-effective, the logo is clear and identifiable, and there is the manufacturer's trademark logo, detailed address, contact number (note that it is not the type that only leaves a mobile phone number), and after-sales maintenance services Service information and related product product certification.
  2. See if there is 3c verification. At this stage, the national national standard "Safety requirements for self-ballasted LED lamps above 50V for general lighting" (GB24906-2010) is mandatory in China, and it is necessary to check whether there is a mark on the package. If there is a CE certification and a stronger UK ETL product quality certification, the more verification, the greater the assurance.
3. Disassemble the package. Before you see the LED, see if the LED is repaired and maintained in a carton, there are wood and a fixed support frame that will not change. Sensitive maintenance is as careful as possible, but it can be seen that the manufacturer is serious and responsible for the goods.
  4. After seeing the led bulb, check whether there are gaps or looseness on the appearance of the lamp cover, and whether the various sockets are closely connected, and see if there are scratches on the wood or sled.
   5. There is no need for any looseness or crooked neck between the lamp socket and the heat pipe radiator.
  6. Open the lamp cover, and you can see how the led is arc laser welding arc welding electric welding welding with the external power circuit. Naturally, you must choose arc laser welding, arc welding, electric welding, and welding. The welding is round and shiny, and there is no empty welding.
  (2) Select from the application field:
1. Warm white-use a milky white lamp cover to weaken a lot of the light source, make the light source look milder and more comfortable, generally used for designing decoration design atmosphere applications-warm white and of course milky white temperature will give People have a warm and warm experience, suitable for use in hotel rooms, hotel rooms, and bedrooms. Not only is it used as a design plan for decoration design, but when it is possible to use more binocular lighting fixtures, warm white is a plan that is stronger than milky white.
2. Milky white (white light)-transparent lamp cover, try to make the light source from the diode to the outside, many lamp covers exceed 95% transmittance, making it more suitable for lighting fixtures Display information. It feels refreshing and refreshing, and it is often used for large living room lighting.
  What is the reason why a row of led lights are not lit? There are many reasons for it. If the community owner is not a welder and does not understand why the lighting fixtures are not lit, I suggest that you don't have to check it lightly. Those who buy LED lamps must read this kind of content to ensure that they buy good lighting lamps.