How to install LED tunnel lights?


LED tunnel lights have various installation methods suc […]

LED tunnel lights have various installation methods such as ceiling type, boom type, seat type, wall-mounted type, etc., which are easier to operate. Adapt to the needs of different workplace lighting. The integrated design of lamps and electrical boxes, the overall reliability is strong, the failure rate is low, and the use and maintenance are safer and more convenient. LED tunnel lights can use intelligent control technology to realize their own dimming control and save energy.

Basic conditions of LED tunnel lighting The long tunnels are equipped with lamps according to the double-hole one-way driving mode. The tunnel lighting is divided into the entrance section, the transition section 1, 2 and 3, the basic section and the exit section; the functions of the lamps are divided into three types: enhanced lights, all-day lights and emergency lights. . Lights are arranged on both sides, and the installation height of the lamps is 5.5 meters.

Road tunnel lighting has its own characteristics, which are different from ordinary road lighting. The following points need to be considered in the design:
1. The road surface should have a certain brightness level
2. Tunnel walls should have a certain brightness level
3. Design speed, traffic volume, route alignment and many other influencing factors
4. Comprehensively determine the lighting level from the aspects of driving safety and comfort
5. Human visual adaptability, especially at the entrance and exit of the tunnel
6. The tunnel also needs lighting during the day, and the lighting problem during the day is more complicated than that at night.