How to maintain LED street lights (1)?


   1. Inspect the lamp sockets of LED street lights in […]

   1. Inspect the lamp sockets of LED street lights in stages
   First, we need to inspect the lamp sockets of the LED street lights in stages to see if the lamp sockets are damaged, or whether there are problems with the LED lamp beads. Some LED street lights are often not bright or the light source is relatively dark, most of the probability is due to the destruction of the LED lamp beads. LED lamp beads are connected in series, and then multiple strings of lamp beads are connected in series. If one LED lamp bead is broken, then that string of LED lamp beads cannot be used; if a whole string of LED lights If the beads are broken, then all the LED beads in this lamp socket cannot be used. Therefore, we must always check the LED lamp beads to see if the LED lamp beads are damaged, or check whether the surface of the lamp socket is damaged.
  2, check the battery charging status of the battery
  Many of the LED street lights are equipped with batteries, so that the batteries can be used for a longer period of time, and everyone needs to check them often. It is mainly to check the charging and discharging status of the battery to see if the battery has all normal battery charging conditions. Sometimes everyone has to check the electrical level of the LED street light or the wiring for signs of corrosion. If there is any, it should be solved as soon as possible to prevent greater problems.