How to repair LED lamp failure?


LED lamps are gradually occupying the current electric […]

LED lamps are gradually occupying the current electric lamp market due to their high brightness, low energy consumption and long lifespan. Generally speaking, it is very difficult for LED lights to cause problems. Among the problems with LED lights, there are no more than three problems: the light does not turn on, the light is dimmed, and it flickers after turning off the light. Today we will analyze and solve various problems of LED lights one by one. There are two forms of LED lights, one is a ceiling lamp and the other is a bulb. Regardless of the type of lamp, the internal structure is the same, divided into lamp beads and drivers.

First, the LED does not light up
First of all, we have to check the input end of the controller, whether the 220 volt power supply is normal. Then check whether the output of the 50 to 84 volt DC power supply is normal. When the power supply is normal, we will check the LED lights.

The light doesn't turn on, and it's almost always a problem with the driver. Light-emitting diodes have high requirements for current and voltage. If the current and voltage are too large or too small, they cannot be lighted normally. Therefore, the constant current driver, rectifier, and step-down device in the driver are required to maintain use. If the lamp beads do not light up after turning on the light, the driver should be considered first. At this time, you can purchase a new drive for replacement.

Second, the LED lights are dimmed
Lamp beads problem The lamp beads of LED lamps are divided into strings. The lamp beads on each string are connected in series, and the strings are connected in parallel. Therefore, if one lamp bead on this string is burnt out, this string of lamp beads will not light up. If one lamp bead in each string burns out, the entire lamp will not light up. If each string has a lamp bead burned out, you should consider the capacitance or resistance on the driver. The burnt lamp beads and the normal lamp beads can be seen from the appearance. The burnt lamp beads have a black dot in the middle, and this dot cannot be wiped off.

Third, the LED light is dimly bright
Generally, poor-quality LED lights have this situation, and the light is not paid attention to at home when the lights are switched to the zero line. LED lights are very sensitive and can light up with a weak current. Therefore, some families use electronic switches to turn off the lights and light up. No matter what kind of situation causes the light up, we can use a relay to solve it perfectly, because the relay Control the live line and the neutral line to be on and off at the same time.