How to use led lights in lighting engineering?


In the process of rapid development of lighting technol […]

In the process of rapid development of lighting technology, light-emitting diode technology, light guide technology, sensor technology, holographic technology, optical brazing technology and laser technology are gradually being applied to urban lighting fixtures. The LED lamp integrates these technologies, making the lighting project not only visually enjoyable.

When LED lights are used in urban lighting projects, their line techniques are often applied to the borders of buildings, buildings with varied facades, or some bridges with beautiful lines. Take the riverside night view of Tieniu Square in Mianyang as an example. The lighting method is mainly to use the facade outline method on the surrounding buildings of the square, which increases the contrast of the light to a greater extent and makes the colors richer.

High pole lighting mainly chooses taller metal poles and towers, and is equipped with a set of floodlights, so as to achieve a large-area lighting effect. Generally, the height of the high poles selected for square lighting is generally 15-30 m, and the spacing is maintained at 90-100 m, and the highest height should reach 40-70 m.

The lighting methods of the square mainly include conventional street lighting and high pole lighting. Some urban square lighting projects effectively combine conventional street lighting with high-pole lighting during the design process. Among them, the conventional street lighting of the square usually uses LED lamps and metal poles below 15 m. The lamps are arranged in five ways along the perimeter of the square or the sidewalk: one-sided, two-sided staggered, two-sided symmetry, lateral suspension cable, and center symmetry. At the same time, when choosing square lighting LED lights, you should try to choose lamps that have unidirectional light emission, no light diffusion, and can illuminate all the areas that need to be illuminated, effectively ensuring the light efficiency of the entire square lighting project.

The lamps configured in the square should be designed according to the actual height: the general high pole lamp is within the range of 15-20 m, which can ensure the width of the illumination field and meet the requirements of the public area of ​​the square; the courtyard lamp is generally between 3 and 5 m. Let the illuminated area produce a sense of intimacy and privacy, thereby fully highlighting the characteristics of the square; lawn lights are generally between 0.3 and 0.5 m, and their lighting can give people a sense of safety and comfort. For some squares where too many trees are planted, the installation height of LED lights should be lower than the height of the trees, but in order to prevent man-made damage, it is generally kept at 3 ~ 3.5 m.

In summary, LED lamps have the advantages of energy saving, long application time, small size, safety and environmental protection, etc., and are suitable for use in lighting projects. Therefore, we should make a reasonable design according to the actual situation of the lighting project in order to create a more economical, cleaner and civilized life.