How wide is the series and parallel and wide working voltage of the LED street lamp power supply board?


   To make the LED street lamp switching power supply w […]

   To make the LED street lamp switching power supply work in a wide range of AC85-269V, the series and parallel methods of the LEDs of the light board are very important. Do not use wide operating voltage as much as possible, and can be classified into AC380V and AC110V as much as possible, so as to ensure the credibility of switching power supply. Because the switching power supply at this stage is generally a non-protective blood pressure lowering constant current power supply, when the specified working voltage is 110V, the output voltage does not need to exceed 70V, and the number of serial connections does not exceed 23 strings. The output voltage can reach 156V when the working voltage is 380V. In other words, the number of series does not exceed 45 series. There is no need to connect too many in series, otherwise the current will be very large during operation, and the switching power supply will become hot. There is also a wide working voltage plan. APFC digital power amplifier output power compensation is to first use L6561/7527 to raise the working voltage to 400V, and then lower the blood pressure, which is equal to 2 power transformers. This plan can be used under special conditions.