LED flood light dimming technology and future development


Perfect intelligent control should have manual control, […]

Perfect intelligent control should have manual control, intelligent control, light control, time control and fault alarm functions. When the sun goes down, the sky can be automatically turned on, and the lights at 12 midnight can be automatically halved; after dawn, the light can be automatically turned off; in special cases, people can manually control; when the control fails, the control system can automatically Call the police.

The intelligent dimming system includes 4 copies of the server, the central controller, the single-chip controller and the signal detection circuit.

Server: host computer and computer software, mainly to realize monitoring and alarm functions. The web server is located in the street light management control center and the connection to the central controller can be achived through power line carrier, network or wireless.

Central controller: The decoding unit responsible for receiving signals from the server and sending them to the controller, controlling and detecting signals, and sending the results to the server at the same time.

Signal detection circuit to detect ambient brightness, drive power supply voltage and current. And the detected signal is sent to the unit controller or the central controller.

Unit controller: Each LED light is equipped with a unit controller, by receiving instructions, the central controller to control the light or turn on and off the LED, while the LED is driven by the voltage, current signal detection circuit of the central controller. When the existing LED lamps fail, a fault signal is sent to the central controller.

At present, in the field of road lighting, the application of LED is spreading rapidly, and long life and reliability are still the first things to be considered, but with the development of technology, when the problems of life and reliability are solved, to a certain extent, LED lighting applications will inevitably move towards the pace of intelligent dimming systems.