LED street lights enter the fast lane of development?


With the continuous maturity of technology, the energy- […]

With the continuous maturity of technology, the energy-saving effect of LED street lamps has become increasingly prominent, especially the intelligent control characteristics of LEDs not only strengthen the advantages of LED street lamp products, but also greatly enhance the energy-saving space of road lighting systems. Therefore, under the current background of energy saving and emission reduction, local governments have widely promoted LED street lamp products.
Last year, LED street lights ushered in opportunities for rapid development. Relevant statistics show that the government procurement scale of LED lighting products reached 526 million yuan in 2013, an increase of nearly 100%, of which the total procurement scale of LED street lights reached 290 million yuan. It can be seen that LED street lamps are impacting the traditional street lamp market with a swift momentum.
A few years ago, when the LED street lamp technology was not yet mature and the products were not stable, some cities blindly launched LED street lamps, which not only caused huge losses and waste, but also violated the purpose of relevant national ministries and commissions to issue pilot applications related policies. With the original intention. The LED street lamp market opened earlier, but because of this, the promotion and use of LED street lamps should be more practical, objective and rational thinking, and less eager for quick success and quick gains, bluffing and impetuous. Indeed, for LED street lights, rational promotion is more important than blind launch. Blind promotion will only increase the adverse effects of the LED street light itself, making it more difficult to promote in the future.