The application of secondary packaging LED?


(1) Applied to landscape lighting of squares, undergrou […]

(1) Applied to landscape lighting of squares, underground parks and rivers
Since the secondary packaging LED has the highest protection level of IP68, it can be used in harsh environments such as underground and underwater, and is widely used in landscape lights in squares, parks, rivers and other places. When designing squares, parks, rivers and other places, lighting designers can use the characteristics of secondary packaging LEDs to change the limitations of traditional landscape lighting design and create better landscape lighting works.

(2) Applied to bridge lighting
Due to the characteristics of ultra-thin shape, transparent material, small size, light weight, and flexible wire connection of the secondary packaged LED point light source, when used on a bridge, compared with the traditional LED digital tube and the traditional LED point light source, it will not Destroying the daytime effect of the bridge is very suitable for environments that are difficult to install and maintain like bridges.

(3) Applied to building outline and facade curtain wall
In the past, curtain wall lighting was a difficult lighting design topic. The advent of secondary packaging LEDs solved this problem. It is flexible in installation, good in water resistance, safe and energy-saving, and is an ideal lamp for curtain wall node installation. Using computer control, it is designed as an advertising display screen, which can be used as a part of the exterior wall landscape lighting or as an advertising display screen.