What are the advantages and disadvantages of using LED tunnel lights in tunnels?


1. Talk about the problems of traditional light sources […]

1. Talk about the problems of traditional light sources
The light color from the traditional lamp is dimly yellow and dim, which is very different from the natural light color outside the tunnel. It takes a long time for the driver to adapt.
Traditional light sources consume high energy and increase the economic cost of electricity.
Short life, troublesome replacement
Contains mercury and is not environmentally friendly.

2. Advantages of LED light source:
1. Good color rendering Ra>80, high efficiency and energy saving, low maintenance cost, stable luminous efficiency, and wide operating voltage. 2. Appropriate addition of reflector cups can eliminate the glare of LED while ensuring illumination and uniformity.
2. The lamp body is small, with local, point lighting, surface lighting, etc., suitable for the complex environment in the tunnel. 4. Long service life, 35,000 hours of basic zero maintenance after one-time input.
3. The design requirements of tunnel lights: tunnel lighting is not equal to general road lighting, it has its particularity, and its requirements in lighting safety are very high. When designing tunnel lighting schemes, people’s light adaptation and dark adaptation factors should be considered, and attention should be paid to the lighting design of the transition section. In order to meet the requirements of the driver’s eye adaptability, a light-dark transition lighting must be done at the entrance of the tunnel to ensure certain vision requirements. The adaptation time at the exit of the tunnel is very short, generally within 1S, so other processing is not necessary. The limited space on both sides of the lane makes people feel depressed, the driver's sight will be concentrated directly in front, and there will be a tendency to drive on the left (especially in the middle of the road). This kind of speeding will occur, and the speed and distance of the vehicle cannot be well estimated. The darkness at night leads to poor vision and stress. This is why the tunnel entrance needs good visual guidance. The better the guidance effect, the safer the driver.

The main nodes considered in the design:
1. Lead-in section: eliminate the black hole phenomenon. Assuming that the ambient brightness at the entrance of the tunnel is 4000cd/m2 and the speed is 60KM/h, the length and brightness of the lead-in section that meet the requirements are 40M and 80cd/m, respectively
2. Adaptation section: The distance is 40M and 80-46cd/m2 respectively.
3. Transition section: 40M, 40-2.5cd/m2 according to the above conditions
4. Exit section: Appropriately add some street lights outside the cave as continuous lighting.