What are the advantages of LED tunnel lights compared with traditional light source tunnel lights?


In the new century, the country has increased the const […]

In the new century, the country has increased the construction of its transportation system, such as railways, highways, expressways, high-speed rails, and so on. The road construction must not bypass the tunnel, and the tunnel must be equipped with tunnel lights, which leads to a large-scale LED tunnel light industry.

LED tunnel lights have the incomparable advantages of traditional light source tunnel lights, energy saving, environmental protection, high brightness, high color rendering index, super long life, small size and easy installation, etc., especially high-power LED tunnel lights, both in brightness and long service life Ultra-traditional sodium lamp tunnel lamp is the current mainstream tunnel lamp product. Let's make a comparison between LED tunnel lights and traditional tunnel lights.

At present, traditional tunnel lighting mostly uses high-pressure sodium lamps as the light source, but high-pressure sodium lamps have many shortcomings in terms of radiation form, color rendering, visual sensitivity, power specifications, brightness control, etc., and the emerging LED tunnel lighting, especially large Power LED tunnel luminaires with their excellent performance, especially:

The controllability of brightness overcomes many shortcomings of high-pressure sodium lamps and is becoming the mainstream lamp for tunnel lighting in the world today. The country has also introduced a new initiative for the "ten cities and ten thousand lights" semiconductor lighting project, which has brought unprecedented opportunities for the development of LED tunnel lights. In order to actively respond to the "Ten Cities and Ten Thousand Lamps" plan, Chuguan has invested heavily in introducing advanced European LED tunnel light production equipment, vigorously developing and producing new LED tunnel lights, and currently has a significant market share in domestic LED tunnel lights.

Compared with ordinary roads, tunnels have unique properties. We use heat pipes and fins technology for heat dissipation. The vertical design of the heat channel realizes modular heat dissipation and keeps the LED junction temperature below 70°C to ensure LEDs work stably for a long time with low light attenuation, which improves the maintenance factor of lamps and saves maintenance costs.

According to the flow characteristics of the airflow in the tunnel, the heat dissipation cavity is designed with asymmetric ventilation to ensure air convection heat dissipation, and at the same time reduce the pollution such as oil fume generated by the car from entering the heat dissipation cavity, which is adsorbed on the heat dissipation structure and reduces the heat dissipation efficiency.