What are the advantages of LED tunnel lights?


LED tunnel light is a kind of light-efficiency and ener […]

LED tunnel light is a kind of light-efficiency and energy-saving lamps. The light-emitting diode is used as the light source of the luminous body, which has high light efficiency and long life; and after softening treatment, it will not cause dazzling or other adverse reactions; the ballast is used Overheating protection technology can ensure the service life of the lamp.

With the growth of LED light source technology, the lighting industry has carried out the application of LED lights in tunnel lighting. If the tunnel lighting is combined with advanced control methods and adopts a new generation of high-efficiency and long-life lighting sources, it will be our future Life brings great convenience.

Glare control. In tunnel lighting, glare should be kept to a minimum to ensure that the driver has sufficient visibility when driving. At the same time, generally in tunnel lighting, high-brightness LEDs are often used as the light source, with uniform light distribution, soft and comfortable light source, and will not cause uncomfortable glare.

Illumination uniformity. The application of LED tunnel lights in tunnel lighting requires uniform illumination. Uniform illumination helps the driver to see the road conditions clearly and avoid traffic accidents.

Advantages: low light decay, more stable luminescence; high color rendering; longer life than ordinary lamps; higher prices than ordinary lamps, but as the technology continues to mature, the price will also drop; high maintenance coefficient; safety performance Good; no flicker, energy saving and environmental protection.

LED tunnel light is a kind of tunnel light. It is used for large-area flood lighting in tunnels, workshops, large warehouses, venues, metallurgy, various factories, engineering construction and other places.