What are the advantages of modularization of high-power LEDs?


Many LED lamps adopt an integrated integrated structure […]

Many LED lamps adopt an integrated integrated structure. If part of the LED light source is damaged, it cannot be replaced on site. Only the whole lamp can be replaced or returned to the factory for repair, which is not only a waste of resources, but also time-consuming and labor-intensive. In order to solve the above problems, LED lighting applications using modular light sources have emerged.

What are LED lamps for modular light sources?
The modularization of LED lamps means that several LED light sources in the LED lamps are made into a module that integrates light distribution, heat dissipation and protection. A lamp is composed of several modules, instead of all the LED light sources as before. All installed in one light fixture.

What are the advantages of modularization of high-power LEDs?
Conventional high-power lamps dissipate heat through structures, such as integrating all optical modules into one lamp body. The high-power LED series using modular light sources breaks this idea, divides the whole into parts, and combines modules into various lamps, and then solves the heat dissipation problem of each module to achieve an overall uniform heat dissipation. problem.
1. The modular design of high-power LED is convenient for maintenance.
The modular design of the LED reduces the difficulty of maintenance of the lamps. If the lamp components are damaged or the life of the LED light source expires or the product is replaced, it is only necessary to replace the parts, and there is no need to replace the entire lamp. And the weight of a single module is lower than the weight of the whole lamp, and it is easy to disassemble. If the LED lamp bead is damaged, it is not necessary to disassemble and repair the entire lamp, only the corresponding LED module needs to be repaired or replaced. In this way, LED lamps can be quickly maintained on site, and most components can be recycled, effectively extending the life cycle of LED lamps.

2. The modular design of high-power LEDs can also effectively solve the problems of heat dissipation, light efficiency and life of each module.
On the one hand, there are ventilation holes between the modules, which is conducive to air convection heat dissipation and automatic cleaning of lamps; The heat conduction resistance of the insulating layer is improved, the heat generated by each module can be dissipated in time, and the heat dissipation is more effective and sufficient. In this way, the light decay of the LED can be greatly reduced, the light efficiency of the LED can be effectively improved, and the service life of the LED lamp can be guaranteed.