What are the characteristics of high-power floodlights?


High-power floodlight is a kind of energy-saving floodl […]

High-power floodlight is a kind of energy-saving floodlight with high-power LED as the light source. It can be controlled to produce a variety of colors; the body is mostly made of die-cast aluminum, and the light source protection level reaches IP68 , In order to achieve satisfactory lighting effects, LED floodlights are equipped with adjustable angles, which have high lighting quality and visual effects.

1. ip65 waterproof light technology of secondary packaging materials: start protection from the light source, and the protection level reaches IP68
2. Nano thermal conductive materials: improve the heat and heat dissipation function of the chip
3. External lens technology: with waterproof packaging materials with temperature resistance above 200℃, it can effectively solve the problem of light control and light distribution
4. The shell color can be customized: different colors can be customized according to different scenes and needs
5. Good projection effect: uniform light emission and long projection distance
Compared with traditional light sources, the biggest advantage of LED is that it can bring intelligent light control to buildings and landscapes. This series of high-power floodlights can achieve constant light or DMX512 protocol control, can be online real-time transmission or offline control, and can be freely deployed between red, green, blue, yellow, white, and warm white.