What are the general characteristics of modular LED street lights?


High-power LED lamps generally consist of multiple LED […]

High-power LED lamps generally consist of multiple LED light sources, not only the power of the light source is large, but also the power consumption of each component of the lamp. According to the different types of lamps, LED street lamps can be divided into integral LED street lamps and modular LED street lamps.

Modular type means that several LED light sources in high-power LED lamps are made into an integrated module with light distribution, heat dissipation and protection level structure. A lamp usually consists of several modules according to different power levels. The light source module is a carefully designed module that integrates light distribution, heat dissipation and protection level functions, and is the core part of the lamp. For the degree of protection, sealing rings and screws are usually used to meet the requirements of outdoor use; in terms of heat dissipation, modular design is adopted, and the heat source is dispersed. By optimizing the heat dissipation design, the junction temperature of the chip can be greatly reduced; in terms of light distribution, two The sub-optical lens design can achieve the required road lighting effect.

The module contains a mechanical structure interface, which is connected and fixed with the lamp housing through the screw holes on the radiator or the spring buckle, and the energy interface between the driver and the light source module is completed with a connecting wire. It adopts modular LED street lamp design, which is convenient for management and maintenance.

High-power LED lamps are used in functional lighting, on the one hand, we must pay attention to efficiency, which is related to the overall reliability of street lamps; on the other hand, high-power lamps have requirements for light distribution, because it is related to the effective utilization of light emitted by the lamps.