What are the main uses of LED high bay lights?


LED high bay lights are LED lamps used in the productio […]

LED high bay lights are LED lamps used in the production and operation areas of factories and mines. According to the bright function, it can be divided into general lighting LED high bay lights and local lighting LED high bay lights. The general lighting LED high bay lights are usually evenly arranged on the upper side of the work site or on the side walls, which can illuminate the entire work surface. Local lighting LED high bay light is a kind of lamp that improves the illuminance of a certain working part. Its function can be to strengthen and supplement the lighting on the basis of general lighting, or it can be used as temporary lighting in some places that do not need lighting at ordinary times.

LED high bay light uses high-brightness LED as the light source, high-conduction radiator, optical lens or lampshade to adjust the light-emitting angle of the LED lamp. Generally used in large areas and high height places. For example: workshops, factories, warehouses, underground parking lots, toll stations, gas stations, supermarkets, exhibition halls, stadiums, etc. According to the place of use or people's habits, LED high bay lights have some aliases: LED ceiling lights, LED high bay lights, LED pendant lights, LED workshop lights, LED warehouse lights, LED workshop lights, etc.

LED high bay lights are high-power lighting tools made of LED light-emitting diodes. LED lamps are currently excellent products among existing lighting lamps and are widely used in all walks of life.

Compared with other lamps, LED lamps have many advantages: LED lamps use a safer low-voltage power supply with a higher safety factor; LED high bay lights have high luminous efficiency and higher lighting effects than other lamps; LED high bay lights have seismic performance Better; the stability of the LED high bay light is very good, the light attenuation coefficient is low; the environmental protection performance is good, it will not harm the human body; the service life is long, and the cost of replacement and maintenance is reduced. However, the price of LED lamps that are opposite each other is higher than other lamps. However, taking into account factors such as power consumption, own loss, and use time, LED lamps can save money even more. The size of different power is also an important factor affecting the price of LED high bay lights.  

Because of its superior performance, LED high bay lights are mainly used in lighting systems in workshops, factories, warehouses, construction sites, exhibition halls, and large supermarkets. When choosing LED high bay lights, don't just take the price as a reference factor. Due to the needs of LED high bay lights, you must pay attention to the quality of LED high bay lights.