What are the performance characteristics and maintenance of high-power LED floodlights?


High-power floodlight is a kind of energy-saving floodl […]

High-power floodlight is a kind of energy-saving floodlight with high-power LED as the light source, which can be controlled to produce a variety of colors; the body is mostly made of die-cast aluminum, and the light source protection level reaches IP68 , In order to achieve satisfactory lighting effects, LED floodlights are equipped with adjustable angles, which have high lighting quality and visual effects.

When it comes to high-power lamps, people’s first impression is that they are huge lamps, but in fact, high-power LED lamps have achieved miniaturization. For example, 4W LED high-power floodlights have a side length of 110mm and a height of 157mm. It's very small. However, sparrows are small and well-equipped. The light source, optical structure design, heat dissipation, and driving are all the same. The most worth mentioning is that this series of project-light lamps adopts external lens technology, which can be replaced anytime and anywhere to various angles you need; in addition, the modular design can also be composed of various power LED lamps, 1W, 3W, 6W, 8W, 9W...1600W, and any power combination you want.