What are the product advantages of led module street lights?


As the LED outdoor street light technology has graduall […]

As the LED outdoor street light technology has gradually become known and accepted by people, people are looking forward to the future LED outdoor street light. After the development of LED technology, it is predicted that Z will eventually be a modular street light and an integrated street light with upper and lower transparent heat dissipation. Market competition is mainly due to two reasons.

The first reason is that the types of light sources are different. Although customers are slowly accepting integrated light sources, there is still a distinction between integrated and single light sources. Therefore, for these two light sources, they will not be completely abandoned in the next 1-2 years. Which one, so the choice for LED street lamps is modular street lamps and integrated street lamps with upper and lower transparent heat dissipation.

The second factor is the price of led outdoor street lights. Modular led street lights are made of aluminum profiles, so the cost is very low; the upper and lower transparent heat dissipation lamps reduce the weight of the lamps and reduce the cost of the lamps by changing the heat dissipation structure. The prices are close, so this is also a factor in the market competition between these two lamps.

Among them, the advantages of led module street light products
1. High efficiency and energy saving: The light source adopts imported LED chips with high luminous efficiency, and the luminous efficiency can reach 130lm/W.
2. Efficient heat dissipation: Advanced polymer materials added with rare earth and graphene are used for heat dissipation. The specific surface area of ​​single-layer graphene can reach 2630 m²/g, and the super large specific surface area makes graphene super heat-absorbing. The thermal conductivity of single-layer graphene is as high as 6600W/mK, and the thermal conductivity is far better than that of various metals such as silver, copper, gold, aluminum, and 15 times that of silver, the heat-dissipating metal. Polymer materials added with rare earths and graphene have the technical advantages of strong heat absorption, fast heat dissipation and light weight.
3. The outer shell is made of polymer material, which has strong anti-corrosion ability and meets the requirements of special occasions.
4. Adopting a modular design, a 50W module, which can meet different power requirements of customers; the use of thermal isolation between the power supply box and the light source cavity prevents thermal superimposition and effectively improves the service life of the light source and power supply.
5. Adopting forced convection heat dissipation design, fast heat dissipation of the lamp, long life of the whole lamp, and low light decay.
6. Silicone rubber sealing strip and embedding method, effective waterproof and dustproof.