What is secondary packaging LED technology?


LED has become the mainstream of lighting products in o […]

LED has become the mainstream of lighting products in outdoor night scene lighting, replacing most of the traditional light sources. When designing landscape lighting, the designer has a greater creative space, making the design work more artistically shocking. However, outdoor LED equipment often encounters various complex environments, which requires the equipment itself to have certain protection capabilities.

The secondary packaging technology is produced because of this demand. It refers to the first packaging of the LED and its driving or control circuit after the electronic circuit is welded and sealed in the polymer package to achieve waterproof, dustproof and protection.

The significance of LED secondary packaging
1. The waterproof problem of LED lamps is well solved, and the service life of LEDs in outdoor and humid environments is improved;
2. It can realize the integration of LED light source and lamps, reduce the manufacturing cost of lamps, and improve the cost performance of lamps;
3. Realize the automation and large-scale production of LED lamps, improve production efficiency, have good product consistency, and ensure the quality of lamps;
4. Expand the application scope and space of lamps and lanterns, and change the traditional lighting methods and habits.
Technical characteristics of secondary packaging LED products
Its protection level reaches IP68, which can be used in harsh environments such as underwater 20m and underground; the flame retardant level reaches V-0 level, so that the secondary packaged LED lamps can reach self-extinguishing from fire and have superior safety performance; the secondary packaged LED has High impact resistance and compression resistance, good cold resistance and heat resistance; UV-resistant packaging materials are used, and the packaging plastic materials for secondary packaging of LEDs are imported polymer base materials, which are modified by blending. It adopts high-quality technology, so that the packaging material has good UV resistance, oxidation resistance and water resistance, so that the secondary packaged LED will not crack by itself after 10 years of outdoor use; the popular ultra-thin and transparent design is used for more occasions. The effect of the building during the day is very small. If the installation is reasonable, it can even be used as a decoration during the day, giving the building an artistic effect.

The secondary package LED has the advantages that traditional LED lighting products do not have, so that lighting designers can design lights in any part of the underwater, underground, and buildings in the design of landscape lighting, so that designers have a wider creative space, so that Lighting works are more artistic, ornamental and practical.