What is the basic information of LED underground lights?


1. Model Model specifications are: DMCY-65, DMCY-90, DM […]

1. Model
Model specifications are: DMCY-65, DMCY-90, DMCY-120, DMCY-160, DMCY-95×95, DMCY-120×120, DMCY-135×135, DMCY-205×205, etc.

2. Features
Using vacuum technology, the integrated design of the light source shell not only satisfies the soft and uniform light effect, but also realizes safety and waterproofness. The buried lights of the same series and different specifications have the same installation height, simple construction, convenient maintenance, and can create diversification The brightening effect can also meet the needs of different scenes.

3. Main performance
1. Solve the problem of anti-glare
Choose a waterproof packaging glue that has a firm bond with the glass. The glue fits tightly with the glass and will not form water droplets.
2. Solve the waterproof problem
Vacuum technology is adopted, and the light source and electrical appliances are filled and waterproof, and the protection level reaches IP68
3. Solved the hidden danger problem
Realize long-life use outdoors, underground, and underwater

4. Application range 
Widely used in large square landscape lighting, hotels, hotels, commercial streets, pedestrian streets, urban squares, garden landscapes, courtyard villas and other decorative lighting.

5. Installation instructions
LED underground light is a special landscape light with the light source installed underground. It can be seen everywhere in current urban lighting projects that LED underground lights are different from the installation characteristics of LED lamps such as LED wall washers, LED floodlights, LED point light sources, etc., making LED underground lights need to pay more attention to preparations when installing .
1. Before installing the LED underground light, the power supply must be cut off. This is the first step in the installation of all electrical equipment and the basis for safe operation.
2. Before installing the LED underground lamp, the various parts and components used in the lamp should be sorted out. LED underground light is a special landscape LED light that is buried underground. Once installed, it is very troublesome to install less parts and want to reinstall it, so it should be prepared before installation