What is the difference between LED wall washer and LED linear light?


In our lives, many people will ask what is the differen […]

In our lives, many people will ask what is the difference between led wall washer and led linear lamp? Indeed, the LED wall washer and the LED linear lamp have too many similarities in appearance, and their shapes are long strips. The difference between the two is whether they have a bracket or not. The other is some subtle differences, the type of chip used .

Let us see below, where is the difference?
Different application effects:
The led wall washer is to let the light wash the wall like water. The effect here is that the led wall washer lights the light on the wall, which is similar to the application method of floodlights, but the effect is more soft.
LED linear lights are mostly used for building outlines or digital screen effects. Of course, they can also be installed on the corner to let the light shine on the wall, but the led wall washer is more flexible.
Differences in specifications and parameters:
Most led wall washers are high-power products, while led linear lights are mostly low-power. Because the LED wall washer depends on the illumination height, there is usually a certain distance from the wall, and the high-power LED wall washer is more competent. However, the low power is more suitable for the outline of the led line lamp.
Many led wall washers have lenses. The intuitive point is that the led wall washer has a bracket that can freely adjust the angle to meet its own application requirements. In terms of size, LED wall washers have large sizes, while LED linear lamps are rare.