What is the main reason for the color cast of the LED display module?


Looking at the color cast and pattern between the LED d […]

Looking at the color cast and pattern between the LED display modules from the side, the display colors are inconsistent. What is going on?

First understand the main reasons for the color cast of the LED display module:
1. Problems with LED lights: (including inconsistencies in chip parameters, defects in packaging glue material, position errors during die bonding, errors in light splitting and color separation, etc.), which will affect the wavelength, brightness and angle of LED lights in the same batch. Therefore, there is a very important process in the production of LED electronic displays: mixing lights. After mixing all the LED lights of the same color, insert them on the PCB. The advantage of this is to avoid partial color cast of the LED module.

2. Production process: After the wave soldering of the LED module, the position of the LED has been fixed, and it should not be moved at this time. However, because many companies do not have the protection conditions, they often collide and bend the LED lights in the process of testing, repairing, soldering, aging and transferring. Then perform the so-called whole line before the glue is poured. This will easily cause the lights on the LED screen to fall irregularly and cause the color cast of the module.

3. Power supply problem: When designing the LED display screen, it is impossible to know what materials to choose (including the selection and amount of power supply). The power supply system has problems, resulting in uneven power supply for the LED modules.

4. Control system and control IC: Because LED display manufacturers do not have the design, development, testing and production capabilities of LED display control systems and control ICs. Of course, the production screen cannot be guaranteed, and all that can be done is to adjust the parameters.

Therefore, when the color cast of the LED display module is caused by the LED lamp and the production process, the module can only be repaired or replaced. When it is a power supply problem, the power lamp needs to be replaced. If it is a control system and IC problem, you can only ask the manufacturer to repair or solve it.