What is the power of LED tunnel lights?


LED tunnel light is a kind of tunnel light. It is used […]

LED tunnel light is a kind of tunnel light. It is used for large-area flood lighting in tunnels, workshops, large warehouses, venues, metallurgy, various factories, engineering constructions and other places. It is most suitable for urban landscapes, billboards, and buildings. The surface is used for landscaping lighting.

As a kind of light-efficiency energy-saving lamps, LED tunnel lights use light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as the light source, which has high light efficiency and long life. It can be used with different reflectors to achieve multi-purpose lighting; and after softening treatment, it will not cause human production. Dazzling or other uncomfortable reactions. The ballast adopts thermal protection technology to ensure the service life of the lamp. Imported high-purity mirror aluminum anodized material is used as the reflector and is designed with precise light distribution. The power factor is greater than 0.9, high reflective efficiency, good light transmittance, energy saving and environmental protection.

If the LED tunnel light is compared with the traditional tunnel lighting source, because LED is a solid-state semiconductor, it can be directly converted into light. Compared with the traditional road tunnel lighting source (sodium lamp, metal halide lamp, etc.), the LED light source has the following advantages :

1. Low luminous decay: If the heat dissipation conditions are good, the LED will have positive luminous decay in the first 10,000 hours, 3% 10% in the first 10,000 hours, and basically 30% in the first 50,000 hours, which is much lower than ordinary road lighting sources, and the light is more stable.
2. High color rendering: The general LED color rendering is about 70 to 80, and it is higher if three primary color phosphors are used; the general high pressure sodium lamp is 20 to 35, and the low pressure sodium lamp is lower. Therefore, even if the brightness of traditional light sources is higher than that of LEDs, the visual effect is worse than that of LEDs. "Not the brightest, but the clearest to see" should be a direction for the development of LED light source applications.
3. Life: The life of LED is higher than that of general road tunnel lighting sources, and it is generally higher than 50000H now.
4. Price: Although the current price of LED lamp holders is higher than that of traditional lighting fixtures, with the maturity of manufacturing technology, their prices are currently falling sharply. The price of high and low pressure sodium lamps is generally around 2,000 yuan, and the price of accessories such as cables It is higher than the cost of LED cables. In addition, LED tunnel lights also have the advantages of high maintenance coefficient, safety performance, stroboscopic, energy saving and environmental protection.