What is the reason and solution for the fire emergency light always on?


Have you heard about fire emergency lights? Today, let' […]

Have you heard about fire emergency lights? Today, let's take a look at the reasons why the fire emergency lights are always on, and how to solve this problem!

1. The fire emergency light is always on and cannot be turned off
1 When all the lines are lit, this situation is often caused by line faults such as short circuits and open circuits;
2 If there is a single lighting phenomenon, consider the failure or damage of the lamp itself;

Two detection methods:
Unplug the three-pin plug of the fire emergency light (double-ended emergency light) from the socket. Before unplugging, you can repeatedly press the analog button on the light panel. If the emergency light cannot be turned off, unplug the plug.
Reasons for the group of fire emergency lights to be on:
There is a battery in the fire emergency light fixture. This situation may be caused by the circuit. The battery is not affected. The light fixture that is unplugged from the power supply will continue to light up and discharge until the power is exhausted.

It is recommended that the focus of inspection should be on the circuit of fire emergency lights;

Reasons why a single fire emergency light is always on:
It may be that the capacitor of the emergency lamp is broken down; when the mains voltage is unstable, the electronic components of the lamp are subjected to a strong high-voltage electric shock, which causes the instantaneous temperature of the electronic components to be too high, resulting in a breakdown and short circuit. This phenomenon, the old national standard lamps and lanterns may produce more.