What is the role of LED flat light?


The LED panel light can continuously produce negative i […]

The LED panel light can continuously produce negative ions to make the air fresh and clean. It can effectively eliminate smoke and peculiar smell in the air, and eliminate germs and viruses. The LED purification lamp is also called the pure aldehyde lamp, which is a perfect combination of the complex equipment that produces negative ions and high-efficiency energy-saving lamps. When the light is irradiated, a large number of negative ions can be generated to be scattered in the space, so as to eliminate smoke, dust, odor, disinfection and sterilization, and eliminate pollution. It is widely used in hotels, hotels, offices, conference rooms, homes and tea houses. Singing halls, Internet cafes and other leisure and entertainment venues are excellent products to improve air quality and eliminate harmful gases such as formaldehyde and benzene.

1. Purification lamp structure:
1. Shell: Use high-quality stainless steel and cold-rolled steel plate, or cold-rolled steel plate sprayed, sandblasted aluminum alloy, etc. The lamp shell is made of high-strength high-quality steel plate, and the surface of the purification lamp is electrostatically sprayed. The powder has strong adhesion, uniform and bright, and it is not easy to peel off after long-term use. The purifying lamp shell is welded, and the solder joints and splicing gaps are polished and smooth, and the gap defects are completely invisible after spraying;
2. Purification lamp shade: It adopts impact-resistant, anti-aging acrylic, milky white light is soft, and transparent color brightness is particularly good. Built-in high-purity anodized aluminum reflector, reasonable light distribution, creating a high-brightness, comfortable lighting environment, optional mirror and matte materials to meet the beauty and lighting needs of various occasions.
3. Purification lamp electrical: using national standard wire, rotating PV lamp holder, high-performance ballast.
4. Purification lamp installation and maintenance: embedded, suitable for a variety of keel installations; surface-mounted (ceiling) type, directly installed on the surface of the ceiling; when you need to replace the light source or maintain it, you must first unscrew the fixing screws of the purification lamp panel. Remove the sealing panel, then pull open the reflector forcefully or press the circlip on the reflector to remove the reflector; please cut off the power before maintenance.

2. Types of purification lamps:
Purification lamps include ceiling-mounted clean lamps, embedded clean lamps, beveled-edge clean lamps, straight-edged clean lamps, emergency clean lamps, and explosion-proof clean lamps. Purification lamp styles include stainless steel frame, steel plate spray frame, mirror full liner, transparent plexiglass cover, milky white cover, etc.

3. Purification lamp use:
This purification lamp is suitable for the pharmaceutical industry, biochemical industry, food processing industry, etc. All areas that need to be purified need to use such purification lamps to illuminate.