What packaging technology and advanced technology does LED flood light have?


High-power LED packaging has been a research hotspot in […]

High-power LED packaging has been a research hotspot in recent years due to its complex structure and process, which directly affects the performance and life of LEDs. High-power LED packaging mainly involves light, heat, electricity, structure and technology. These factors are both independent of each other and affect each other. Among them, light is the purpose of LED packaging, heat is the key, electricity, structure and technology are the means, and performance is the embodiment of the packaging level.

The key technologies and advanced processes of LED floodlights include:
(1) High-power lamps that realize miniaturization of appearance
The appearance of miniaturized lamps is mainly due to the development of secondary packaging materials and the improvement of packaging technology. Considering that the lamps will be directly exposed to people's sight when they are not working during the day, in order to avoid this situation, this miniaturized design is adopted, on the one hand, it improves the concealment performance of outdoor use, and minimally affects the integrity of the installation environment; On the other hand, it solves the most concerned problem of the owners and architects: how to integrate the lighting with the building well, so as to achieve the real "seeing the light but not the light".

(2), structural modular design
Modular design has great convenience in the production of lamps and lanterns. It has great advantages in terms of product positioning, product serialization unity, and production. It can be used alone as a lamp, or it can be assembled into multiple styles of lamps by splicing multiple modules. As a serialization, Different power lamps can maintain consistency in appearance and style. On the one hand, it improves product recognition, on the other hand, it fully reflects the diversification of products. In production, it reduces the high cost caused by multiple molds for various products. Production costs, and shorten the production cycle of diversified products, achieve the effect of producing the most diverse products with the fewest molds, and facilitate assembly, thereby improving production efficiency.
(3), heat dissipation blend modified material
The life marked on the conventional LED lamps refers to the life of the LED particles, but the life of the LED particles cannot represent the life of the entire lamp. A set of lamps has circuits, power supplies, drivers, etc. in addition to the LED particles. For high power, the most critical issue affecting the above life is heat dissipation.

There are two main cooling technologies: active and passive cooling. Conventional high-power lamps dissipate heat through structures, such as integrating all optical modules into one lamp body. The high-power series LED floodlights break this idea, divide the whole into parts, and combine each module into various lamps, and then solve the heat dissipation problem of each module to achieve an overall uniform heat dissipation problem. The light source module uses high-performance materials that have been re-improved and developed. It blends and modifies a variety of imported basic materials to change the properties of the original materials, and develops packaging materials with a temperature resistance of up to 200 °C. At the same time, the stability of the material is solved. To solve the problem of heat dissipation and light transmittance, and then use nano thermal conductive materials to solve the problem of heat dissipation and heat conduction of the chip.

(4), waterproof performance of lamps and lanterns
The technology of secondary packaging starts from the protection of a single light source module, and it is fully waterproof, which changes the technical defects of waterproof and low waterproof level of product shell packaging that have been basically used at home and abroad. The use of advanced production equipment and unique technology not only fundamentally guarantees the waterproof performance of lamps, but also the waterproof technology of secondary packaging materials realizes the miniaturization of high-power LED lamps, effectively improves production efficiency and lamp quality, and reduces lamps and lanterns. At the same time, it also expands the application occasions and fields, and the products reach the IP68 protection level.