What problems should be paid attention to in tunnel lighting?


The tunnel is the main structure of the highway in moun […]

The tunnel is the main structure of the highway in mountainous areas. Due to its special structure, the sunlight in the tunnel cannot be directly exposed. In order to solve the "black hole effect" or "white hole effect" caused by the sudden change in brightness when the vehicle enters or exits the tunnel, the tunnel Long-term lighting is needed inside. Commonly used tunnel lighting fixtures are LED tunnel lights, which should pay attention to the following issues when applied to tunnel lighting:

Glare control. In tunnel lighting, glare should be controlled to a minimum to ensure that the driver has sufficient visibility when driving. Generally, in tunnel lighting, high-brightness LEDs are often used as the light source, with uniform light distribution, soft and comfortable light, avoiding uncomfortable glare, and ensuring driving safety. Illumination uniformity. LED tunnel lights are used in tunnel lighting and require uniform illumination. The ratio of the minimum brightness to the average brightness of the wall and road surface below 2m in the tunnel is the uniformity. Uniform illumination helps drivers see the road conditions clearly and avoid traffic accidents. Eliminate the "flicker effect". The main reason for the "flicker effect" is due to the improper arrangement of lamps and lanterns, which produces periodic alternating changes of light and dark brightness, which causes discomfort in the driver's line of sight. Therefore, when installing LED tunnel lights, you should pay attention to the reasonable layout, effectively plan the distance between the lights and avoid the "flicker effect".

Emergency lighting. In addition to conventional LED lighting in tunnels, emergency lighting is indispensable. In the tunnel, emergency LED lighting can provide adequate lighting in a very short event, so that drivers can avoid accidents. It also includes LED emergency instructions to ensure that vehicles can pass through the tunnel in an orderly and safe manner during emergencies. Tunnel partition. In the lighting design of long tunnels, LED tunnel lights should be set with different lighting designs according to different sections of the tunnel. For example, the brightness of the lighting at the entrance and exit of the tunnel should be higher than that in the middle and transition sections, so that the driver has adapted to travel from the tunnel to the tunnel. The discomfort caused by the interior also guarantees the economy and practicality of tunnel lighting. LED module tunnel lights meet the needs of different lighting environments and are suitable for tunnels, workshops, warehouses, highway toll stations, exhibition halls, gymnasiums, and various outdoor places that require lighting.