What should I pay attention to when maintaining led street lights in summer?


Bulk objects like led street lights need regular mainte […]

Bulk objects like led street lights need regular maintenance, and you can't install led street lights to complete it. You need to pay attention to the following aspects in summer.

Weather influence
There is a lot of convective weather in summer, and the Shandong area is slowly entering the rainy season. The maintenance of led street lights must be on the agenda. The company has successively called or sent people to carry out the maintenance of led street lights for customers who have installed led street lights. After all, Mistakes will affect the use of the entire led street light.
The specific method is to check the overall sealing performance of the lamp pole, lamp cap and circuit, and whether there is a circuit crack or an unstable foundation. After all, once the circuit encounters water, the LED street lamp will definitely have a problem.

Tree influence
Many people will say, what are the impacts of trees, the country now attaches more importance to greening, leading to many LED street light projects will follow up the corresponding tree greening projects, but the heavy storms and rains in summer will easily cause these trees to fall and damage the foundations of LED street lights. Or directly damage the led street light.
The countermeasure is to follow up the corresponding tree pruning and fixing work to ensure the stability of the trees to a large extent can reduce the damage to the led street lights caused by the dumping of trees in summer storms.

Temperature effect
In fact, this temperature effect is relatively small for led street lights, especially in Shandong area because of geographical location and climate factors make Shandong area not too hot. Although the temperature difference in summer is not small, it also affects led street lights. Relatively small.