Why combination lighting fixtures will attract your attention?


  Many people who care about landscape lighting, probab […]

  Many people who care about landscape lighting, probably don’t know what the combination light is. The combination light can also be called the magnolia light, the Chinese light, and the garden landscape lighting project. Combination lighting fixtures are a very, very easy part to be ignored by everyone in lighting lighting. In most design schemes, the capital management of lighting fixtures is not easy to exceed 5%, not to mention the landscape planning of villas and courtyards. The fund management of the combination lamp and lighting fixture in the plan is now. With the continuous improvement of everyone's living standards, the types of outdoor combination lights are also increasing. Combination lamp lighting is a key component control module that cannot be lacked in the establishment of garden landscapes. It not only has a high appeal, but also attaches great importance to the close connection between the cultural history of the tourist attractions and the surrounding topography and landforms.
Combination lights are an indispensable component control module in the urban lighting of big cities, which is conducive to reaching the expected goals of stronger design decoration design. Many combination lights have design schemes that dynamically change the expected goals and light the road In addition to this, try to make full use of the effect of its design scheme decoration design. When a garden designer plans a new courtyard or garden garden landscape design plan, the combination lamp lighting design is often the final consideration, and many community owners are not particularly fond of it.
Generally speaking, the lighting should be set in the design plan of the shopping plaza with a wide sight line, the grass field or the indoor space of the theme event with dense crowds. The design should be simple and gas. It does not require too much design plan decoration design, but it is necessary to ensure sufficient contrast. In order to fully consider everyone's requirements for lighting fixtures. And in the courtyard or relatively private narrow interior space design design plan, you should try to be unique and exquisite when setting garden lights. For example, the appearance, raw materials, and indoor lighting colors and conditions of garden lights can not only construct a seductive night view of the city, but also present an endless art space for designers.
However, landscape lighting is very combination lighting fixtures. It is undoubtedly not conducive to lighting fixtures alone, or why do you think you want to light up your courtyard. Combination lighting fixtures will really make your eyes excited, it It is also stiff, life-saving, and warm, and it gives you a sense of happiness in daily life. After you touch it, you will deeply feel that its grace belongs to.