Shopping Centre

Bluewater Shopping Centre can be described as a pioneer of the British shopping and retail experience. Bluewater is 240 acres of archictectural innovation, possessing 300 stores, along with 50 bars, restaurants and cafes, an ideal place for the whole family to enjoy.

To accommodate the vast number of visitors they attract, Bluewater has 13,000 free car parking spaces and that’s where we come in.

The SANITY LED solution

Initially established in 1994, They not only wanted to become more energy efficient but incorporate technological advancements. 

With the assistance of Chess, SANITY Lighting luminaires were retro-fitted with MyMesh technology sensors. The insertion of these sensors meant that all luminaires were wirelessly connected and began receiving and transmiting radio signals to surrounding lights. Bluewater's Greenlands weather-proof luminaires, can now be dimmed and monitored on command. 

This collaboration is both energy efficient  and a security innovation. The LED luminaires send results back to the main system, feeding back where there is high concentration of personnel or faults, making this installation future proof. Saving money on prospective maintenance and delivering fantastic results, the succesful lighting project is set to be expanded to cover more of the shopping centre!

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